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You’ve built a company, a marketing department, a reputation. But your gut says that playing at the next level will require outside help with your marketing. Tacoma-based and proudly serving local companies and institutions, Hemisphere is a multichannel marketing and advertising agency. What's our thing? Combining business-school research with art-school creativity to connect with your audiences and drive results.

Collaborating for success

Our process is collaborative and iterative. Involving stakeholders and end-users is essential to measuring the effectiveness of your campaign.


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Review. Analyze. Strategize. Energize.


As a full-service creative agency we provide a customized and holistic approach to marketing.

We’ll analyze your target market, your competition, your brand, and five other key factors to create an integrated marketing strategy that fits you like…a really nice pair of shoes with custom orthotics.

Thought we were going to go with "glove", didn’t you? Stay with us.

This comprehensive look at your company also helps us work with you to set your priorities. For example, it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to invest in social advertising or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing if your brand and website are outdated. As a full-service graphic design, advertising and creative agency, we can help you build a foundation with a strong brand and website before dedicating precious funds to marketing. Tacoma businesses of all stripes rely on us to craft smart marketing funnels that take prospects from brand awareness to decision with as little friction as possible along the way. 

How we're different than other Tacoma marketing companies

Unlike some other Tacoma marketing agencies, we’re not just a provider of technical, one-size-fits-all marketing solutions. And unlike some creative agencies, we don’t just design pretty things to win awards and satisfy our own artistic vision. We use a full range of creative skills and analytical disciplines to craft integrated marketing strategies. This combination of technical savvy and honest-to-God creativity is what sets us apart.

Our marketing firm’s capabilities

  • Branding and logo design
  • Web design and development
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC marketing (pay-per-click)
  • Commercial photography
  • Social media marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Email marketing
  • Print and outdoor advertising
  • B2B marketing
  • TV and video advertising
  • Direct marketing

And the list goes on. Bottom line: we have the expertise to craft an integrated marketing strategy around your needs and goals.

Client stories

TAPCO Credit Union


Founded to serve Tacoma’s city employees, TAPCO Credit Union eventually expanded its reach to include anyone in Washington State, but they kept their focus right here, in Tacoma. With our roots in Tacoma too, we leapt at the opportunity to rebrand this local institution.

After retooling their logo, physical spaces, print collateral, website, and app, it was time to tell the world about TAPCO's new brand. We used traditional marketing tools like a commercial and billboards to woo the public, while using social media to more precisely target the younger generation. After a successful rollout campaign, we stayed on as TAPCO's agency of record to support their ongoing marketing needs.

Helland Law Group


A marketing strategy is only as good as the results it produces. After rebranding Helland Law Group, it was time to prove that we could bring more business their way. We created an integrated marketing strategy that involved some traditional elements (theater ads, local event sponsorship). Visual and fun, these traditional marketing avenues gave us an opportunity to make use of Slater, the law firm's spokesdog. 

Our marketing strategy employed newer, more trackable marketing disciplines too, like local search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We completely redesigned Helland's website to be an engaging, SEO-rich experience targeted to Tacoma residents. The new site attracted the attention of search engines and humans alike, improving Helland’s most critical metrics. They went from zero to 94 keywords organically ranking on page one of Google. This added visibility brought a 41% increase in new traffic coming to their website as well. On top of these SEO measures, we began a Pay-Per-Click campaign to capture more leads.

Pierce County CASA


Pierce County CASA supports foster kids with caring advocates who serve as their "voice" in the legal system. Fulfilling their mission of making sure every kid in the foster system has a caring adult advocate requires an ever growing team of volunteers.

We helped Pierce County CASA turn their annual awards ceremony into a fun recruitment and advocacy event with a tailgate theme. Project scope included a logo, website, printed invitations, and a promotional video featuring the adoptive mom of a local professional football star. We also consulted on the event itself, offering guidance on activities, food, and more. Our marketing efforts paid off in increased attendance and recruitment.

Working with us

What should I expect at our first meeting?

Quality marketing relationships start with quality conversations. Our first meeting with you is 100% about listening, understanding your organization, identifying your most pressing needs, and targeting your most promising growth areas. We’ll follow up our first meeting with a formal proposal that will outline a range of thoughtful solutions custom matched to your goals.

Are you just a digital marketing company?

Sixty percent of our business is web design. So, as you might expect, we’re very comfortable with digital marketing. We’re big fans of its amazing ROI-tracking abilities too. But our solutions aren’t limited to the digital realm. We have the expertise to create everything from magazine ads, to billboards, to TV commercials — and the vision to create cohesive campaigns.

Why work with a Tacoma marketing agency?

If you run a business of a certain size, you may wonder why not just go with a Seattle ad agency? You can go ahead and pay extra for Seattle overhead if you want, but we think you’re going to like working with a smaller, more responsive team that does amazing work and happens to be located just down the road. We look forward to proving that boutique creative firms can bring big ideas to life.

Hemisphere Downtown Tacoma Illustration

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