About Hemisphere Design + Marketing

Since 2001, Hemisphere has been serving the South Sound as a full-service design and marketing firm. Our vision? To do thoughtful work with a beautiful aesthetic. In simple terms, to make your company a true double threat: smart and pretty.


Great ideas are beautiful

We're called Hemisphere because we believe in using both sides of our brain — creative and analytical. Why? Because great ideas emerge from a magical marriage of form and function, style and strategy. For us, this means every project should look beautiful and completely rock at the task for which it was created. This form-and-function philosophy makes us an ideal partner for a wide range of clients: businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, school districts, municipalities, and more. It turns out that a lot of people are looking for "it-factor" branding and marketing calibrated to produce real-world results.

Go on, touch our brain. It's fun!

Let's get creative

Our team. We take ourselves seriously. Seriously.

Adam Welch

President + Web Dev

Likes: drawing, eating popcorn, drinking red wine, browsing Reddit, the Louvre, writing code

Dislikes: Comic Sans, sloooow drivers, intolerance for lists

Paul Boyer

Copywriting + Strategy

Likes: his two girls, frisbee-related sports, movies, writing, cooking, human beings

Dislikes: Futons, unnecessary adjectives, Jar Jar Binks

Kirsten Buttrum


Likes: historical fiction, travel, Cafe Du Monde beignets, sweet wine, breathtaking sunsets, football

Dislikes: ignorance, pollen, Game of Thrones finale, teaching my children how to drive a car

Josh Kilen

Digital Marketing

Likes: learning all the things, French fries, science fiction, getting swole, analytics, basketball

Dislikes: a willful lack of creativity, bullies, Peeps, terrorism

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