Greater Tacoma Convention Center

Full rebrand, including: logo, market research, brand strategy, print collateral, tagline, messaging

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Much like the façade of its cutting-edge convention center, Tacoma is leaning forward, ready to embrace opportunity. But the sense of growth, vitality, and momentum that fills our city’s streets was missing from the Greater Tacoma Convention Center’s brand. It was time for a reboot.

We met with dozens of key stakeholders. Fifty crumpled coffee cups and as many conversations later, we knew that our city and its Convention Center offered the genuine Northwest experience at an incredible value. But how to reflect that in a brand? Introducing the Greater Tacoma Convention Center’s new mark and message. The logo represents “Greater Tacoma” with a “T” and a greater-than symbol. Modern, artsy, and progressive, the logo captures the vibe of our city. And with shades of sea-glass blue and green, it celebrates the glass art for which our city is famous. The tagline “get ready for something greater” is a hint at the value Tacoma offers as a convention center destination.

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