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After eight plus decades of serving our community, Tacoma's original credit union had a story to tell, but it suffered from a dated look and a lack of younger members. Our goal? To help TAPCO turn its updated vision and mission into a fresh look and a lived identity.

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—  Brand  —

Opening a new chapter

After hundreds of hours of exploration, research, and development, we helped TAPCO introduce the centerpieces of our creative efforts — a new name (TAPCO CU), logo, tagline, and video — first to staff, then to members.  The central idea behind everything? Unlike big, for-profit banks, TAPCO puts people first. We held our breath...Applause. Mission accomplished.

TAPCO Credit Union logo
Tagline: For the Love of People
Woman and man embracing and smiling
Old TAPCO Credit Union logo
Family standing outside of a newly purchased home

—  Video  —

"For the Love of People" Brand Video

With a local focus and people-centric brand, TAPCO needed a way to show what they were about. So, we scripted, produced, and distributed a video that celebrated all things local and personal.

For the Love of People video

—  Signage  —

Refreshing dated branches

Next, it was time to give TAPCO's tired locations some love. We designed signage, posters, and environmental graphics, and carefully oversaw the execution of each element to ensure quality and brand consistency.

TAPCO Building sign
TAPCO interior signage
TAPCO exterior signage

—  Rollout  —

Making a splash

We announced the rebrand to the world using  social media, a late-night TV ad, and a series of fun billboards that played up TAPCO's Tacoma-ness.

TAPCO Billboard
Rollout Campaign banner
TAPCO Billboard

—  Marketing  —

Moving the needle

After the rebrand, we stayed on for several years as TAPCO's agency of record, protecting their brand and partnering with them on marketing efforts. We're especially proud of helping TAPCO move its marketing online, with digital ads and edu-taining videos while maintaining its advertising presence in the physical world too.

Video: Home Loan vs. HELOC
Video: Home Loan vs. HELOC
Video: Car Buying 101
Video: Car Buying 101

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