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Need to capture a simple interview? Explain a product or process? Visualize your company story? Or boost your brand with a fully scripted TV commercial? Our Tacoma video production team has you covered.

How are we different from other Tacoma video production companies?


How are we different from other Tacoma video production companies? We handle the full production of your video, not just the shooting and editing portion. Hemisphere lives where big ideas and vast capabilities meet.

One mistake people can make in whittling down their list of possible video production companies is focusing too much on the ‘production’ part of video production. Tacoma, WA, is home to some talented directors, cinematographers and videographers, the fine folks that handle the ‘production’ or the actual shooting of the video. As important as these people are, video quality isn’t just about the visuals.

Stand-out videos start with big ideas

Heading up our “idea department” is an award-winning screenwriter and brand expert. Our full storyboarding and screenwriting capabilities set the stage for visual stories that stay true to who you are while being creative, emotional, and compelling. Our shooting and editing solutions scale up to meet the complexity of your vision and budget.

Brand expertise comes built-in at Hemisphere

Since Hemisphere Design & Marketing is a full-service creative agency, we constantly build and work with brands. We create videos that speak your brand’s language in terms of vision, tone, messages, and visuals. And if your brand is in flux, we have the insight to create pieces that will propel your brand story forward.

Our video production capabilities

We offer scripting, planning, shooting and editing options for the following:

  • TV commercials
  • Company-story videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated videos
  • Interviews
  • Pre-roll advertising videos
  • Theater ads

Whether you need high-definition web videos, text-driven social media videos, or cinema-quality 4K, our team has the capability to help your organization take video marketing to the next level.

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Client stories

Market Optical

TV commercial


Filmed at a world-famous Seattle location and featuring an iconic Seattle Brand, this TV commercial is a modern refresh of the TV spot that originally put Market Optical on the map in the 90’s. The commercial was cast to help the trendsetting eyewear company appeal to its existing clientele while expanding into new demographics.

TAPCO Credit Union

Web video


As a part of TAPCO's rebrand, we created a “brand anthem” video meant to be featured on social media and the client’s website. A 30-second version of the video also got air time as a TV commercial. The goal was to celebrate TAPCO's love for all things local. Authentic touches include local actors, staff member cameos, iconic Tacoma locations, music by a local indie artist — and a guest appearance by the beloved 253 bumper sticker. 

KML Designer Finishes

Social Media Video


Social media videos can be almost anything as long as there is a baked-in reason to engage with the content. In the case of KML, we were asked to help them introduce a new, eco-friendly laminate product line. We decided to take a counterintuitive approach to this goal featuring a heart-warming story of a father and daughter going Christmas tree hunting. The video became KML’s most-watched Facebook post of the year.

Working with us

What's the video production process like?

First, we’ll meet. Understanding you and your vision is key to your project’s success. From there we’ll propose a scope, plan, and budget. Then the fun begins with storyboarding and scripting, or planning interviews. Securing locations and talent comes next, followed by filming. It’s an expertly choreographed flurry of activity. Next, you relax while we edit. Fair warning: relationships forged in the fire of film collaboration can lead to future video projects.

Can you handle my video project’s scope?

We offer scalable plans for different project sizes. When production value or project scope demands it, we work with talented local directors, cinematographers, editors, and animators, several of whom have won coveted honors for their work. Our gifted in-house team, headed up by our award-winning screenwriter, can also handle a wide range of projects at a lower price point. Whether behind the camera or just scripting and producing, we bring big ideas to life.

Why video production services in Tacoma?

We’ve run a full-service creative agency in Tacoma since 2001. And since day one, Tacoma has been our jam. Helping thriving nonprofits, government entities, and small-to-mid-size businesses tell their stories better is what we do from branding, to web design, to marketing, and video. Our clients appreciate that our pricing is a bit more competitive than what they find up North in Seattle. And our ever-growing skill set means that their a few projects we have to pass on.

Hemisphere Downtown Tacoma Illustration

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