Commercial photography
Tacoma, WA

Thanks to smart phones in purses and pockets everywhere, we take as many pictures every two minutes as all of humanity did in the 1800’s. That’s pretty wild. We’re all better photographers now, but we’re also harder to impress.

In a photo-happy world, high-quality commercial photography stands out.


The more photo happy our world gets the more important high-quality commercial photography becomes. Our branding, product, and lifestyle photography conveys credibility with every pixel.

Our commercial photographer has taken thousands more pictures than even the most snap happy of us. In the process, he has developed an instinct for the authentic. And what does authenticity do? It sets you apart from the competition.

Authentic photography can…

  • Put a human face on your company or organization.
  • Build expectations that your brand is uniquely qualified to meet.
  • Portray your services and products in ways that build credibility.

If your website, brochure, or social media channels could talk, would they ask you for professional photos so that they can do their jobs better? If the answer is ‘yes’, no worries, we’re here to help.

Cab of a dredging crane
Yoga class
Happy kid at KM Resorts
Wingman Brewers Keg
Lifestyle shot of cheese on a cutting board
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Construction worker fixing equipment
Woman using a Somadome
Construction worker cutting rebar
Waiters serving drinks
Shipping containers at the Port of Tacoma
Young woman wrapped in a blanket looking at the Puget Sound
Interior of a candy store
Young girl with blue chalk on her hands

Client stories

Cutters Point Coffee


Does your company exist to help customers live a certain way or see themselves in a different light? If so, your product isn’t the story. The life your product inspires is the story.

Cutters Point is about satisfying the Northwestern thirst for great coffee and big adventures. Our photographer and creative team collaborated closely with Cutters Point to craft a vision for this photo shoot, secured the models, then spent a day on location capturing the adventurous spirit of a true Northwest brand.

Tilted Tree Cider


Need quality product photos for a sales sheet or online store? You could invest thousands of dollars in camera gear and countless hours teaching yourself to take clean, well-lit photos that make your product the star, or you could let us do it quicker and better.

We can come up with a creative solution for shooting your product photos like we did for Tilted Tree (their off-kilter brand begged for something a little different). For greater flexibility and a clean look, we can also shoot against a seamless background.

Commencement Bank


Do you work fast? Does your space attract customers? Is your team part of your selling point? Our photographer can capture these and other aspects of your brand experience.

Commencement Bank takes community seriously. Their flexible loans help local businesses grow and their charitable support helps local non-profits thrive. They asked us to capture their community-banking story. The result? Brand photography that feels both professional and personal, just like Commencement Bank.

Working with us

What should I expect when I meet your team?

Our first meeting is where we lay the groundwork for photographic success. It’s your chance to meet our photographer (and the Hemisphere creative team). And it’s our chance to get to know you: your brand, your goals, your needs. After words, we’ll put together a proposal for you. If we’re a fit, great. If not, no problem.

What kinds of clients do you work with?

We work with businesses and organizations throughout Washington, and we’re not opposed to traveling for the right opportunity. Many, if not most, of our photography clients take advantage of our other core services (graphic design, web design, branding, and marketing) because we’re a full-service creative firm.

Why a Tacoma commercial photographer?

What can we say? We love our gritty city. It’s a pleasure to shed light on its businesses and nonprofits — and we think you’ll feel the Tacoma love in our photography. If your business reaches beyond our local audience, good news, professionalism and creativity travel well. We look forward to helping you visualize your unique vision.

Hemisphere Downtown Tacoma Illustration

Now that you've seen what we can do, let's schedule a time to hang out.