Rainbow Center

In support of its mission to expand resources and safe space for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer, (LGBTQ) community, we developed a colorful suite of communication tools, starting with a brand refresh and including video production and website development.

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—  Brand  —

A Philly flag for Tacoma

Our refresh of the Rainbow Center logo (and overall brand) recognized the momentum it had generated as a known and loved symbol of LGBTQ+ pride in the South Sound. The inclusion of black and brown (the Philadelphia Pride flag colors) was an important element.

Rainbow Center logo
Rainbow Center tagline: Educate. Advocate. Celebrate.
Woman at Tacoma Pride with rainbow wings
Old Rainbow Center logo
Crowd of people at Tacoma Pride

—  Web  —

Full of color, full of people

To honor Rainbow Center's mission (Educate. Advocate. Celebrate.) we were intentional about using images of real community members, real events, and a sense of vibrancy that reflected the voice of the organization. Chock full of interactive elements, this site as functional as it is fun to look at.

—  Photos  —

A professional touch

The dedicated staff and leaders who make Rainbow Center a vital community organization needed headshots that reflected their professionalism and approachability. Team photos can be tricky to get right, so we're as happy as these folks about the results.

Rainbow Center Staff Headshots

Now that you've seen what we can do, let's schedule a time to hang out.