Helland Law Group

A fun, family-run firm, Helland Law Group had a vision for a brand that balanced professionalism with humanity. Ironically, they got it in the form of a dog.

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—  Brand  —

A brand with a spokesdog

First, we crafted a clean logo inspired by Helland’s love of indigenous art. As we started designing stationary, we met Slater, the family dog and a fixture at Helland’s office. He was so cool. He got his own card and title: Canine Liaison. Calm, fun, and trustworthy, Slater was the perfect symbol for a law firm majoring on competence and compassion instead of scare tactics and overblown promises. Slater has become the heart of Helland's brand.

Helland Law Group logo
Helland Law Group tagline: Trust us we have a dog.
Helland attorneys at Tacoma Farmers Market
Helland Law Group horizontal logo
Slater and roller blades Ruston Way sidewalk

—  Video  —

You're not telepathic (these dogs are talking)

We've all had enough of tone-deaf, teleprompted lawyer ads. So we threw Slater and Stetson a bone. Boy, did they run with it!

New Year, New Pup

—  Web  —

Far from a boring lawyer site

We wanted to get as far away as possible from the typical, cut-and-paste lawyer website. Stiff posed photos, dark colors, wood-paneled offices, scales of justice. Boring. The Helland's mobile-friendly website is all about letting the human side of these skilled professionals show. The website also features smart SEO writing and technology to help it rank well in search engines.

Screen shot of Helland website

—  Print  —

Signs, stationary, and stickers (oh my)

Bringing a brand to life means creating real-world items that support the brand. As Helland's ongoing partner in design and marketing, we have a blast finding the right balance between rigid brand consistency and exploring fun new ideas.

Helland Business cards
Helland Law Group stickers
Helland Law Group sign

—  Marketing  —

Strategic partnership paying off

A multi-year partnership allows you to practice multiple marketing disciplines. We assist Helland with SEO, digital ads, theater ads, and more. We're always on the look out for ways to generate qualified leads.

A dog on a leash pulls a lawyer on rollerblades down a sidewalk. The ad says Grand Cinema theater ad
Three lawyers and a dog in an empty movie theater eating popcornGrand Cinema theater ad
Grand Cinema video ad
Grand Cinema video ad

Now that you've seen what we can do, let's schedule a time to hang out.