Greater Tacoma Convention Center

Much like the façade of its cutting-edge convention center, Tacoma is leaning forward, ready to embrace opportunity. But the sense of growth, vitality, and momentum that fills our city’s streets was missing from the Greater Tacoma Convention Center’s brand. It was time for a reboot.

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—  Brand  —

Distilling Tacoma's appeal

Emerging from our exploration process, we knew that at the heart of GTCC's brand was a clear promise — a genuine Northwest experience at an incredible value. But how to visualize it? We played with the shape of a 'T' and a greater-than symbol in shades of sea-glass blue and green, and a new logo took shape along with a tagline to support it: Get Ready For Something Greater.

Greater Tacoma Convention Center logo
Tagline: Get Ready for Something Greater
Exterior of Tacoma Convention Center
Old logo for Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center
Exterior of Tacoma Convention Center

—  Web  —

A website worthy of the destination

GTCC wanted a stand-out, high-tech website that reflected the tranquility of its light-filled, glass-walled building. But it couldn't skimp on Search Engine Optimization, accessibility, and information either. Our solution? An image-driven, fully-ADA site that tucks our expertly written text away discretely. For a little extra magic, we incorporated some unique visual effects (hint: watch the video).

Paralax Effect

Interactive 360

—  Print  —

Bye-bye, blah sales sheets

We took GTCCs sales collateral from drab to fab, creating unique folders that make bold use of the Convention Center's new logo and glossy brochures with thoughtfully crafted content designed to engage emotionally, visually, and intellectually.

Greater Tacoma Convention Center business cards
Greater Tacoma Convention Center folder with handouts
Greater Tacoma Convention Center brochure

—  Photos  —

Visuals that invite curiosity

Creating a visually engaging website required our photographer to take three different approaches to imagery: candid lifestyle photos, architectural shots, and 3-D photography. With all three, a visit to the GTCC website comes close to visiting the Convention Center space.

Greater Tacoma Convention Center event
View of Tacoma from Greater Tacoma Convention Center
Outside of Greater Tacoma Convention Center
Greater Tacoma Convention Center art piece
Conference at Greater Tacoma Convention Center

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