American Construction

American Construstion knows how to get stuff done. Big stuff. Earth-dredging, heavy-lifting, marina-building stuff. But creating a website that could display their heroic capabilities for all to see, that wasn't in their wheel house. That's where we come in. We built a modern portfolio website featuring parallax design, custom photography, and punchy copywriting.

—  On this Page  —


—  Writing  —

Bold storytelling built to inspire confidence

After an in-depth exploration, we understood how to convey the American Construction story in web copy form. The experience of their long-tenured team and their massive fleet of floating equipment meant they could safely handle any job - and get it done on time.

Screen shot of American Construction Website
Screen shot of American Construction Website
Screen shot of American Construction Website

—  Web  —

Balancing imagery and technology

The American Construction team was eager to move on from their text-heavy website to a more modern, image-forward design. We kept the copywriting light and leaned into the imagery. We even used a parallax effect on their home page for an extra visual pop.

Paralax Effect


—  Photo  —

Breaking out the wide-angle lenses

Over several months we took photos of the heroes behind American Construction -- the men and women who pilot the cranes, manage job sites, lead teams, and generally get stuff done. We also captured of the company's epic projects and equipment, so that no one could miss the message that American Construction can handle anything.

Orange American Construction Crane
Dredging crane at Bainbridge Island
Dredging crane in Gig Harbor
Photo of Crane operator
Close-up of welder
Group photo of American Construction employees
Photo of dredging crane with Seattle skyline

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