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Full rebrand: branding, website, video, photography, marketing

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K/M Resorts had an appetite for a new outdoor-adventure-inspired logo and a full brand refresh. Now they have a brand that can reach new generations of RV campers without alienating the members who helped build their business.

It started with exploration. We listened, took notes, then wrote a brand anthem. These inspiration-packed paragraphs led to the client’s new brand promise — “we make family getaways fun, frequent, and affordable.” We just needed a shorter, more memorable way to share this message. After hours of playing around with ideas, we settled on a tagline the client loved. Retreat. Relax. Repeat. With the emotional core of the brand defined, we worked on the client’s new mark. Our designers realized that losing the slash between K/M would give the resort company a cleaner, more memorable name. The client went for it. A new logo and the slash-free version of KM’s name were born.

Next came a powerful website. We wanted to make the benefits of a KM membership tantalizing. So, we developed a custom site with the latest in mobile-friendly technology supported by smart SEO writing that upped the client’s online visibility. But we knew the site’s success hinged on more than technical expertise and good design. It needed authentic visuals.

We scripted, recruited talent, and planned shot lists. Then our photography and video team went trekking all over Washington State capturing KM camping magic. What came home on our cameras’ SD cards brought the KM Resorts promise to life. Our video footage became a powerful 1-minute commercial and a suite of five more marketing videos. The photos helped the website reach its full potential and took KM Resorts’ print, environmental, and point-of-sales marketing to the next level. With a fully-fleshed out brand established, we started sending customers KM Resorts’ way with digital ads that have provided an estimated eight-fold return on investment to date.

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