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Our multi-talented branding team is ready to help you define a "big idea" that you can own. That’s step one. Step two? Bringing your big idea to life in the minds of your audience — and helping you win hearts at every touch point.

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How can our full-service Tacoma creative agency help?

As a marketing, graphic design, and branding agency in Tacoma, WA, logo design is only the start of what we offer. We can handle:

  • Stakeholder research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Style and brand guides
  • Logo design and brand architecture
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Messaging, taglines, and brand anthems
  • Brand and product naming
  • Point-of-sales displays
  • Brand awareness and roll-out campaigns
  • Wraps and environmental graphics
  • Packaging and product identity
  • Brand, product, and lifestyle photography
  • Print collateral and stationary
  • Web design and development
  • Video production

Full rebrand and brand strategy: Tacoma’s original credit union reboots to reach a new generation.

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TAPCO Credit Union had served Tacoma for over eighty years. It had a proud story to tell: better service, zero bailouts, and a true heart for the community. But, their existing brand was stifling their story and limiting their reach. Here’s how we helped.

Starting with stakeholder interviews and competitive research, we crafted a complete brand strategy for TAPCO. As a multi-branch credit union seeking greater brand recognition in the local market, TAPCO’s list of needs ran the gamut: logo design, print collateral, video production, web and app refresh, POS pieces, environmental graphics, and much more.

We found the through line for TAPCO’s rebranding in one key thought: unlike big banks, TAPCO actually cares. To see how this big idea played out, visit TAPCO’s project page in our portfolio.

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Fearless law firm finds likeminded branding agency: Tacoma's Helland Law Group takes road less traveled.

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When you’re a law firm, everyone expects gavels, scales of justice, and promises to be “tough, tough, tough.” Stuffy and by the book isn’t Helland’s style. This gave us an opportunity to position them as the approachable alternative to the typical firm.

We started with a clean, calming, line-drawn logo that gestured toward the law firm’s Tacoma roots and their love for Native American art. As we designed their business cards and website, we found the perfect tool to differentiate Helland in the form of their lovable, shaggy office dog, Slater. To meet Slater and see the full range of the rebrand, visit the Helland Law Group page in our portfolio.

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New name, look, and more: Reimagining the Washington State Arts Commission to reach more artists.

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Washington State’s Arts Commission used to be known as WaSac. Tasked with designing a new logo for this government agency, we knew they needed more than a new look that spoke to artists across the state. They needed a new name.

Taking our cues from their domain name,, we rebranded WSAC as ArtsWA. Short, sweet, and much more palatable, ArtsWA had a ring to it.

As for their new logo, we settled on a look that showed the patchwork quilt of artistic diversity that makes up our state. This initial project, led to many more. Get the full run down on our ArtsWA portfolio page.

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What should I expect at my first meeting?

We’re a design firm. So, we’re a little different. Hoodies are the height of fashion in our office. If we’re feeling fancy, we might slip on a sport coat, but chances are, we’ll balance the equation with a pair of Converse. Our sales approach is low key too.

What types of clients do you serve?

Publically traded companies, small- to mid-size businesses, established non-profits, and government entities all fall within the sweet spot of our branding agency. Tacoma, WA, is home, but we conduct branding projects throughout Washington State and beyond.

What's the Tacoma branding agency advantage?

Local businesses find our knowledge of their target customer helpful. Organizations that play on a larger stage can expect better value for their branding dollars because of our streamlined, multi-talented team, lower overhead, and dialed-in process.

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